Vacation guests and families

People who prefer individual space to mainstream accommodation appreciate the old Krone.

The Krone is a good place for children and family’s.
There is a playground in the garden and in the yard we have a basketball court. For rainy days there is a castle for children to play in and a ping-pong table inside the house. There is also an old-fashioned wood-oven to bake bred and to cook tarte flambée on special days.

Prices for Apartments

One room apartment for two
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Price: 57€ per night
Two rooms apartment for two
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Price: 60€ per night
Küche Aufenthalt Wohnung TheresiaTheresia
Two and a half room apartment for four people
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Price: 85€ per night
Zimmer in PaulusPaulus
Two rooms apartment for two
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Price: 62€ per night
Zimmer JosefJosef
Handicapped accessible apartment for 6 people
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Price:140€ per night
Einzelzimmer MariaMaria
Apartment for groups with 6 singlerooms
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Price: 180€ per night
Einzelzimmer Edith Stein
Apartment»Information and Photo's
Price: 70€ per night
Price: 40€ per night
GastraumFokulare 5 Rooms with gemeinsamer Küche und Bad.
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Price: 60€ per night
Minimum rental time: 3 nights
All prices are available with the amount of people that are recommended for each apartment. Extra people are charged 10,-€ for each person.